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NPK building blocks

NPK building blocks is one-stop shop solution we provide to our customers for production of specific two-component fertilizer bulk blends as well as for direct application based on crop demand and soil analysis. NPK 17:17:17, NPK 14:18:18, NPK 5:5:45, NPK 2:20:20, NPK 20:4:20 - correctly balanced fertilizers from our product range may form literally any desired NPK formula.

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What is two-component fertilizer blend?
It is a physical mixture of two types of fertilizers. UFCL NPK building blocks may be based on two different types of compound NPKs (e.g. NPK 27:6:6 + NPK 10:26:26) or one type of compound NPK and one type of straight fertilizer (e.g. NPK 21:10:10 and MOP).
Why two-component fertilizer blends better than traditional ones?
NPK blends are traditionally manufactured from three different fertilizer types (e.g. Urea, DAP and MOP). Therefore, producer has to find, purchase and deliver all three sources of N, P and K from different suppliers. Furthermore, in order to achieve superior quality of a final mixture raw materials should possess identical physical properties (foremost granule size distribution, strength, density and shape). Using NPK building blocks in manufacturing process significantly reduces risks of segregation, assuring stable high quality of a blend.
What makes NPK building blocks special?
All compound NPKs are manufactured at Uralchem facilities using the same production process (drum granulation). Our products are characterized by number of properties critical for manufacturing of superior quality NPK blends: identical granulometric composition, high granule strength, uniform colour and appearance. Fertilizer mixtures of NPK building blocks have significantly lower tendency to such negative consequences as segregation, abrasion, dusting, which in turn leads to more precise, homogeneous and uniform distribution of vital nutrients in the field ensuring sustainable growth of a crop.