United fertilizers company LTD.
Official distributor of Uralchem and Uralkali
mineral fertilizers in Africa

United Fertilizers Company Limited (UFCL) is the newly founded agro-inputs distributor in Africa. It is created by the initiative group of Russian origin companies URALCHEM and Uralkali. Both are well known on the international mineral fertilizer market. URALCHEM is the leading Russian producer of nitrogen-based fertilizers.Uralkali is one of the major global potash manufacturers. URALCHEM, Uralkali and UFCL share the same business philosophy, which can be shortly described in the following statement: provide our customers and crop growers with the best plant nutrients and comprehensive plant nutrition knowledge available. Our fertilizers are the subject of strict quality control at all stages of production, storage and delivery. We use advanced technology, modern packaging and logistics solutions. Since decades our products are present in Africa, and now UFCL provides the unique opportunity to get fertilizers “made in Russia” originally from the manufacturer.

Uralkali is a world’s leading producer of potash, accounts for about 20% of global potash production. Uralkali’s sales geography covers more than 60 countries worldwide. Major markets are Latin America, North America, India, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa. The domestic market is among the priority ones of the Company’s operational activity. The main consumer group of Uralkali’s products in Russia comprises agricultural producers, NPK-producers and industrial customers. The company’s production facilities are located in Perm Territory (Russia) at the Verkhnekamskoye potassium and magnesium salt field, the world’s second largest deposit in terms of ore reserves.

JSC URALCHEM is one of the leaders in mineral fertilizers production in Russia, CIS states and Eastern European countries. The company is the largest ammonium nitrate producer and one of the top three in ammonia, urea and nitrogen fertilizers production in Russia. URALCHEM’s product range of fertilizers is one of the most versatile and well balanced. It includes both commodity products and innovative solutions tailored specifically to meet the requirements of modern agricultural business. URALCHEM’s joint research activities with the leading Russian and international R&D institutions allow to increase efficiency of newly introduced types of fertilizers produced by the company.