United fertilizers company LTD.
Official distributor of Uralchem and Uralkali
mineral fertilizers in Africa

NPK 27:6:6

Technical specification
Parameter Value
Appearance Granules of greyish-pink
to light brown color
Total nutrient content, min. 38%
Total nitrogen (N), max. 27%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5):
available P2O5, min. 6%
water-soluble P2O5, min. 2%
Potassium oxide (K2O):
water-soluble К2О, min. 6%
Sulphur S (SO3), min. 2% (5%)
Moisture content, max. 1%
Granulometric composition:
under 1 mm, max. 1%
2-5 mm, min. 95%
under 6.3 mm 100%
Granule static strength, min. 3 MPa